I'm Anna

I don’t understand politics, and I hate mathematics, mainly because I suck at it.
A fortune teller once told me that I was 70% intelligent and 50% stupid. I love my stupid side.
I honestly woke up one morning with an overwhelming urge to write, to find meaning, search for inspiration, and to give and receive humour.  Life can be hard, it helps if you laugh.


Writing is good for my soul, it's my creative outlet. I write to discover inspiration, meaning, and share the good times and the bad with a few of my friends and family.  Life is busy and messy.  Sometimes it’s fun,…..most times it’s a challenge!

Never Give An Inch.

By Anna | 01/11/2019

Anna finds herself pandering to a drama queen because she feels guilty.

An Exercise In Gratitude

By Anna | 27/09/2019

Looking for the positives in life circumstances.

Kind But No Pushover

By Anna | 20/09/2019

In a world where emotional intelligence is highly regarded, Anna finds it difficult to teach her children assertiveness.

Here’s How I Taught My Husband A Lesson

By Anna | 17/03/2019

Anna Gets Revenge On Her Husband After She Finds A suspicious Looking Meatpack In The Fridge

school holidays

The Frazzled Parents Guide To Surviving The School Holidays

By Anna | 24/01/2019

Tips on getting through the school holidays without crafts or baking.

Farewell Saigon

Farewell Vietnam and the Streets OF Saigon

By Anna | 24/09/2018

The Glasgow Family end their stay in Vietnam with four days in Saigon. Market shopping, Cu Chi Tunnels, war remnants museum.

Hoi An

High Times In Hoi An

By Anna | 20/09/2018

High Times have been had in Hoi An. Creative cooking, Vin Pearl Land, sunset cruising, temperamental tennis and Murderous Monkey Mountain

Vietnam Blog Title

Vietnam Glasgow Family Style

By Anna | 14/09/2018

The Glasgow family are five days in to their Vietnam adventure. Vin Pearl Resort, shopping at Hoi An markets and poolside fun


The Flight To Vietnam

By Anna | 10/09/2018

The Glasgow families flight to Vietnam was certainly eventful, I’m not sure what else Anna expected.

Glasgow's On Tour

The Glasgow Family Travel Vietnam

By Anna | 07/09/2018

Anna writes about the lead up to a family trip to Vietnam.



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