Disco Ball

Disco Biscuit

It’s the twins 11th birthday soon, and for their present, I’ve taken them to their first concert: Katy Perry’s Witness Tour.

They’ve been so excited and have talked non-stop about it for the last week.
are seated in our spots at the concert, the opening act is 30 minutes later than we anticipated to start, and all the girls have done, is ask me relentlessly what the time is, and a whole heap of what if questions.

You know those absurd what if questions…. they drive me up the F%^&ken wall sometimes!

What if the show doesn’t happen?
What if Katy falls off the stage?
What if Katy farts and we hear it on the microphone?
What if we get lost and don’t get home until tomorrow?
What if, what if, WHAT IF!!!!!!!!!!


I take a good look at them; they’re growing so fast. Long honey-blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles, my identical mirror image twins.

They’re perched on the edge of their seats, they’ve both finally brushed their hair properly and are wearing leather Jackets, looking sophisticated, much more so than I was at their age.

I think back to when I was 11; I was a sad little girl, my parents had just had a messy divorce.

Feelings of anxiety overcome me. I haven’t been a good parent to them. I’m too serious, I’m tired, often grumpy and always stressing about something. Maybe this has rubbed off on them, and we’re missing a crucial element in life, the joy has gone. Our family is too serious. I’m a bad mother.

The music starts, the concert is so loud that we can feel ourselves vibrating.
I watch the young people in the standing section dancing.
I wish I’d bought my earplugs, and at the same time, I mourn the fact that I’ve missed my calling in life to be a backup dancer.

Katy yells into the mic
“Thank you all for coming.”
“Thank you to the parents that have let their kids stay out late on a school night, and eat lots of sugar!’
I look at the girls again, they’re both holding bags of lollies, and they’re exchanging them like they’re doing a secret drug deal.
“Can I have a disco biscuit?” I yell above the noise.
They look at me strangely, flick me a lolly, and I pretend I’m having the time of my life. We jump around together, and I embarrass them with my best dance moves.

Maybe I’m not doing so badly after all.


Katy Perry Concert

4 thoughts on “Disco Biscuit”

  1. I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter
    Dancing through the fire
    ‘Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar: ‘Can I have a disco biscuit?’

    1. I LOVE this Claire!!! I’m a fighter, I’m dancing through the fire!…with the help of a few disco biscuits!

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