Embrace The Mid-Life Crisis


It wasn’t that he’d gone to Pak ‘n’ Save to get fish for dinner and not come home until 11 pm that alerted me to the fact that he was having a midlife crisis. It was the fact that he’d gone to Pak ‘n’ Save in his newly purchased classic RS Camaro.
I mean who goes to Pak ‘n’ Save to buy fish in a classic car? He’d also had a shower, done his hair and was wearing a muscle tee when he left.

The more I think about it, the more the signs have been there for a while now. Maybe I’ve been in denial, or perhaps I just didn’t hear it when my family and friends were shouting at me ‘he’s having a mid-life crisis!’.

To some, a  Mid-life Crisis (MLC ) is no joke. At middle age, it dawns on you that your life is half over and that maybe its too late to have the things you desire in life, like wealth, fame, and in my husband’s case to be the lead guitarist in the worlds most famous rock band.
They feel an overwhelming urge to seek out pleasurable and risky activities to prove they’re still alive and revisit their youth. Or they experience a sense of dramatic self-doubt, which causes them to do crazy things like quit their job and go on a motorcycling trip through Vietnam, (he’s actually thinking about it!)

I’ve been pretty blind up until now, but when I look back, it’s crazy that I didn’t cotton onto it earlier. All the signs were there.
He’d joined FB, started wearing a mankini and a leather Jacket (at the same time). But instead of the old cliche of the 40 yr old who finds a younger model, he’s become unhealthily attached to me. It’s so bad he’s even trying to dress like me (when he’s not wearing his mankini that is)


midlife crisis 

There have been many studies conducted on happiness, and the researchers reckon, we’re typically at our happiest in our youth, show a sharp dip at middle age, and then get happier again as we age.


There is this one study that’s been running over 80years called the Harvard Study Of Adult Development; It discovered that the participants who were most satisfied in their relationships at 50 were the healthiest at age 80. The study revealed that good relationships truly matter, they matter for your physical health, your mental health and can predict whether you will have a long and happy life.

It’s my theory that a midlife crisis is a stage we all have to go through, a bit like learning to crawl. Each of our stages in life prepares us for whats coming next, and what happens after middle age? Old age! You’d better get your shit together so that when you reach old age, you’re happy! Go lay some solid foundations for your future Let’s face it, when you reach middle age, you don’t have that much time to muck around.
Get out there and have fun with your mates, solidify friendships, or make an effort to make new friends, these people will be the people you lean on when you’re older.


Crisis comes from the Greek word ‘Krisis’ which means ‘decision for or against’.
Now is the time to make the right decisions, put into practice all those life lessons from your 20s and 30s and make the right choices for your future and realise your dreams, it’s not too late!.

You could use your MLC energy to re-invent yourself.
Check out what this redditors Dad did, he started making tables, apparently, he loves it too, and his tables are amazing

Midlife crisis table maker


And if you happen to be a young fresh 28yr old babe, just wave to the middle-aged man wearing a leather jacket and mankini when he drives past you in his Camaro. It’ll make his day. But be aware, he has 5 kids, only likes to shop at Pak ‘n’ Save. He has male chauvinistic tendencies and clips his toenails in the shower….etc etc etc..I could go on…babe.


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