How A MAFS Bride Reminded Me Of Myself

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’ve been watching this season of Australias Married At First Sight with morbid fascination.
I’m an avid people watcher, and it makes me feel good to watch people on reality T.V thrown into unscripted situations.
I sit there on my high horse judging personalities, morals, looks, and relationships.

I conveniently forget that the producers have crafted the twists and turns of the dramas unfolding. It’s riveting stuff.
I usually feel a whole lot better about myself and my marriage after I’ve watched it.

That is until Tuesday nights episode. Something Troy said about Ashley made me reflect on my behaviour, and suddenly I didn’t feel so superior anymore.

“Her mood dictates our entire day.”



When I’m in a rotten mood, the whole house knows all about it.
If I start the morning off in a bad mood, it rubs off on my husband; he’ll start antagonising me because that’s how he gets his entertainment, and the kids will fight.

What’s usually a peaceful morning routine getting kids up, fed and off to school turns into a shit fight. My bad mood will spread like a disease throughout the entire household.
I’ll stonewall dan, and not make him a coffee on purpose. Jake will tease Lily, Lily will threaten Selina with ‘I’m telling everyone at school that you pissed your pants’. Selina will turn on Pearl who will scream like a banshee, and Izzy the youngest will decide its a good idea to hide from the chaos erupting around her by pulling the blankets over her head and refusing to get out of bed.

Moods, emotions and feelings are closely connected. A mood can last minutes, hours or even days and is influenced by the environment, physiology and your mental state.

Let’s take Ashley for example.

ashley MAFS
Ashley Ponders Her Future

In this particular episode, you could see her mood was affected by the food she’s been eating

Pasta ala troy




and who she’s been focusing her attention on


For myself my bad mood this week has come from diet, (alcohol), where I’ve focused my attention (house cleaning), and environment, (lack of personal space).

I Don’t Want To Be Like Ashley, so I googled “how do I enlighten my mood today”?

These were the Top answers

Sexual Excercise….err not appropriate at breakfast time
Phone a friend……my friend is probably busy getting her kids up
Watch a funny baby video …..(I hate kids)..(just kidding)….(sometimes I do)
Eat chocolate……done
Go for a walk…..what like walk out the door?…very tempting!
Sleep……yeah right!
Buy yourself something new……(only if my husband will lend me the money, not likey).

So it looks like it’s chocolate and dancing in the morning for me, I figure the dancing will cancel out the calories from the chocolate.

An even better solution would be to have

Nasser clean my house

nasser cleans in his undies
you missed a spot Nasser


while Dean raps for me

and Troy gives me a special massage

In all seriousness, as much as I love making fun of these people, I am just like them,
human, flawed and moody at times. I’m no self-help guru, and I think its normal to be in a shitty mood sometimes. But if I can stop it spreading to my loved ones, I’m winning at life.


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  1. Anna I love you and you just made me jump up in a happy mood!!!! now everyone will have a great day at the Halpins lol. rhis was a brilliant read and so true for us woman xx

    1. Nawww Rach it’s comments like this that encourage me to keep writing! You’re the best! Love ya back 😊

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