I'm Anna

I don’t understand politics, and I hate mathematics, mainly because I suck at it.
A fortune teller once told me that I was 70% intelligent and 50% stupid. I love my stupid side.
I honestly woke up one morning with an overwhelming urge to write, to find meaning, search for inspiration, and to give and receive humour.  Life can be hard, it helps if you laugh.


Writing is good for my soul, it's my creative outlet. I write to discover inspiration, meaning, and share the good times and the bad with a few of my friends and family.  Life is busy and messy.  Sometimes it’s fun,…..most times it’s a challenge!

Disco Ball

Disco Biscuit

By Anna | 31/08/2018

Anna worries that she’s not enough fun a Katy Perry concert.

Teardrop Earring

Searching For A Miracle

By Anna | 11/08/2018

How do you mourn one child and celebrate another?
Written by Anna for her Mother

9 tips for raising twins

9 Tips For Raising Twins (and other amusing twin tales)

By Anna | 04/08/2018

Anna shares amusing tales and useful tips for parenting twins


Beast Of Burden

By Anna | 04/08/2018

Are women beasts of burden?


Jack Of All Trades And A Master Of None

By Anna | 22/07/2018

Anna wonders if it normal to constantly want to learn new things

Living in the moment

Living In The Moment

By Anna | 23/03/2018

Practising mindfulness is something Anna finds hard to do when the majority of her time is spent in chaos or trying to avoid it.

successful life goals

Successful Life Goals

By Anna | 11/03/2018

Anna reflects on International Woman’s Day about how it feels for her to be a woman in 2018


How A MAFS Bride Reminded Me Of Myself

By Anna | 02/03/2018

Anna entertains the notion that she may just be like a particular MAFS bride, she researches what to do about it and finds some surprising solutions.

Embrace The Mid-Life Crisis

By Anna | 17/02/2018

Anna didn’t realise her husband was having an MLC until it was too late.

You Are Enough

One Simple Thing You Can Do To Help Someone Else

By Anna | 10/02/2018

One Kind Sentence Turned Anna’s Year Around.



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