I'm Anna

I don’t understand politics, and I hate mathematics, mainly because I suck at it.
A fortune teller once told me that I was 70% intelligent and 50% stupid. I love my stupid side.
I honestly woke up one morning with an overwhelming urge to write, to find meaning, search for inspiration, and to give and receive humour.  Life can be hard, it helps if you laugh.


Writing is good for my soul, it's my creative outlet. I write to discover inspiration, meaning, and share the good times and the bad with a few of my friends and family.  Life is busy and messy.  Sometimes it’s fun,…..most times it’s a challenge!

Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law vs Anna’s Ideas

By Anna | 22/11/2017

Anna’s ideas of chilling and relaxing are foiled big time, by her friend Mr Murphy.

dirty car

Car For Sale

By Anna | 23/08/2017

Anna tries to sell the ‘Silver Bullet’

Little Liars

Why I’m Proud My Kids A Liar

By Anna | 21/08/2017

Lying takes skill, here’s why.

annas reward chart

Parents Are You Sick And Tired Of Screaming At Your Kids In The Morning? Don’t Try This trick (Warning Contains Graphic Images and A Little Swearing).

By Anna | 25/06/2017

Anna tries and fails to enforce law and order.

Tools To Get You Through Tough Times

By Anna | 21/06/2017

A little humour, resilience, friendship and love will get you through tough times

weetbix kids triathlon

The Grinch Of The Weetbix Kids Triathlon

By Anna | 21/03/2017

Anna has a nightmare at the weetbix kids triathlon.

Hungry Birds

Parents Do Your Children Behave Like Hungry Animals?

By Anna | 20/03/2017

Anna’s children are always the first to the table and the last to leave.

The Journey Home By Rebecca Farren

Does A Career Define Me?

By Anna | 18/02/2017

Anna’s thoughts on motherhood, identity and a career.



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