Little Liars

Why I’m Proud My Kids A Liar

Surely someone so young and innocent can’t be a liar?

I stood over her sleeping body this morning marvelling at her cherubic features. Even though she’s five years old her face still has a babyish quality, chubby round cheeks with a small rosebud mouth….the picture of innocence and beauty. As I stared at her I wondered how it’s come to be that my youngest child has become a SNEAKY LITTLE LIAR AND A THEIF!!


We were at what I have now named the School Fair of Horrors on Sunday for a fishing competition weigh in. There were rides and fun stalls for the kids to enjoy all paid for by pre-purchased tickets, that we shared between them. My youngest seemed to have amazing luck and kept bringing me trinkets she was winning. It took me ages to cotton on to the fact that the tickets had run out and she was still giving me a shit load of prizes to hold while she went off to win more.

Question time

“Izzy how are you winning these prizes?”

“The lady said I can”

“But you don’t have any tickets”

“That’s ok she says I don’t need them”

“Why you though? All the other kids are putting their tickets in.

“She likes me.”


Hmmmmm, More questioning and she caves. Turns out she’d been waiting until the stall managers were busy with other customers and then telling them that she’d already put in her ticket into the entry box! So she’s not only lying to me, she’s lying to the stall managers and stealing! Off we traipsed to the stalls she had stolen from to pay them their due tickets, me red faced and apologising profusely.

Inside, however, I was jumping for joy, here’s why.

Lying is an important social skill you need master as you grow up

With 5 kids having started school I really thought she had been struggling with her development, turns out she’s right on track!


Some kids start lying as early as two years old.… and by the age of 5 most kids are lying.

To lie convincingly you need two ingredients

  1. Mind reading ability eg: I know you don’t know what I know so I can lie to you.
  2. Self-control eg: facial expressions and body language.

The kids who are more advanced at these things are more sophisticated liars and lie at an earlier age….In fact, if you have trouble with mind reading and self-control it could indicate serious developmental delays.

So I cartwheeled around that school fair….no problems here!! 

So I’d like to reassure any other anxious parents out there, if you catch your kid out in a lie, give yourself a pat on the back, and know this, everything is going to be just fine.

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